Code Effect
unlock all Access All Levels
nightmare Extra Bloody slow deaths
completemission Mission will end as if it has been successfully completed
behindview Third person view
ghost Flight mode
walk Disable flight
fullammo Full ammunition
demorec Record demo
stopdemo Stop recording
demoplay Play demo
god God mode for player
godteam God mode for team
godterro God mode for terrorists
godhostage 1 God mode for hostages
godhostage 2 Disable god mode (hostages)
godall All the god modes
toggleunlimitedpractice Game never ends
togglecollision Walk through entities
togglethreatinfo View threat information
neutralizeterro Kill all terrorists
disarmbombs Disarm all bombs
deactivateiodevice Deactivate IO devices
rescutehostage Rescue all hostages
disablemorality Disable morality
callterro Summon all terrorists
playerinvisible Invisible to terrorists
tsurrender Terrorists surrender on sight
tsprayfire Terrorists shoot wildly
taimedfire Terrorists only fire at you
trunaway Terrorists all run away
tnothreat Terrorists go back to normal
rendspot See all terrorists on map
togglehostagethreat Hostage threat information
sethpos settings are (0 standing, 1 kneeling, 2 prone, 3 fetal, 4 crouched, 5 random) Set hostage position
resetthreat Reset hostage threat
hna Next hostage animation
hpa Previous hostage animation
hp settings are (0 for no loop, 1 for looping) Animate hostage
showfov Show field of viision
gundirection Show weapon direction
route Show terrorist/hostage routes
routeall Show all map routes
killthemall Remove all NPCs
killterro Remove all terrorists
killhostage Remove all hostages
killrainbow Kill all Rainbow operatives
killpawns Remove opponents
sgi Game modes
resetmeall Resets all cheats
quit </font></pre> Quit game