Code Effect
add_population [City] Add population to desired city
test_ancillary_localisation [Ancillary] Adds all ancillary to the character info display
add_money [Money] Adds desired quantity of money to your faction.
jericho [Tumblin Down] And the walls came a-tumblin’ down
create_mission [Start Mission] Attempt to create and add a mission to the specified faction
date [Given Year] changes the campaign date to the given year
clear_messages [Stacked Messages] Clear all the current stacked messages
process_cq [All Queue] Completes all (possible) construction pending in queue
process_rq [Recruitment] Completes all (possible) recruitment pending in queue
diplomacy_mission [Create] Creates a diplomacy mission
create_unit [Specified Type] Creates one or more units of the specified type
capabilities [Recruitment] Details of the current recruitment capabilities of a settlement
recruitment_pool [Settlement] Details of the current recruitment pool of a settlement
diplomacy_costs [Perceived] Displays a list of raw and perceived diplomacy items costs from the perspective of the receiving faction
capture_settlement [Evicts] Evicts current resident and gives to player
force_battle_victory [Alliance] Forces the local player’s alliance to win the battle
force_diplomacy [Negotiater] Forces the negotiator to accept or decline a proposition
give_ancillary this [Ancillary] Gives the character an ancillary**
mp [Movement] Gives the character movement points
give_trait_points [Trait] Gives the character points for trait
invulnerable_general [General] Invulnerable General (cannot be beat in battle)
list_ancillaries [Ancillaries] Lists all Ancillaries
list_units [Units] Lists all of the units in an army, with details.
list_characters [List Character] Lists all the characters in the world or those belonging to a faction
list_traits [Traits] Lists all traits
move_character [Campaign Map] Moves named character to position on campaign map
remove_ancillary this [Ancillary] Removes ancillary from the character
character_reset [Start] Resets the character back to it’s start of turn settings
bestbuy [Cheaper] Sells units cheaper
diplomatic_stance [Diplomatic] Set the diplomatic stance between the two factions (factions must be different)
show_all_messages [On/Off] Show all messages to all factions (on/off)
show_cursorstat [Region ID] Shows the cursor position and region id
show_landings [Available AI] Shows the landing positions available to the AI from a given region, default hides them
auto_win [Attacker/Defender] The attacker or defender wins the next autoresolved battle
oliphaunt [Biggest] The biggest around
toggle_perfect_spy [Spying] Toggles everyone’s perfect spying ability
toggle_fow [On/Off] Toggles the fog of war on or off
upgrade_settlement [Settlement] Upgrade settlement level
drillmaster [25%] 25% movement, unit recruitment discounted
brilliant_inventor [30 Points] 30 build points, +1 farming, 20% bonus on mining income
scribe_ancillary [Bonuses] Adds Authority, Income Bonuses
bard [Popularity] Adds Morale, Popularity
doctor [More Kids] Have more kids, improves casualty recovery chance
apothecary [Kids] Have more kids
mentor [Command] Increases Command
shieldbearer [Lowwers Power] Increases Hit Points, Lowers Morale
swordbearer [Security] Increases Hit Points, Personal Security
bodyguard [Peraonal Security] Increases Peraonal Security, Decreases Popularity
foodtaster [Increase Security] Increases Personal Security
tutor [Piety] Increases Piety, Trade Income