Code Effect
Backyard: 10.000p jump Get 10.000 points in one jump
Backyard: 150.000p, no kickflips Get 150.000 points in a line without doing any kickflips
Backyard: 2 heelflips Do 2 heelflips in 20 seconds
Backyard: 2 pop shuvits Do 2 pop shuvits in one combo (Ex: pop shuvit -> rail -> pop shuvit)
Backyard: 3 pop shuvits Do 3 pop shuvits without crashing
Backyard: 360 trick Do any 360 trick
Backyard: 40.000p in x4 Get 40.000 points in a line with no more than x4 multiplier (Tip: A line is until you lose your multiplier)
Backyard: Any grind Do any grind trick
Backyard: Fakie trick Do any trick in fakie
Backyard: Flip in bowl Do any flip trick in the bowl (Ex: a kickflip)
Backyard: Grind Do a grind for 2 seconds
Backyard: Grind benches Grind the benches
Backyard: Grind to heelflip Do a grind to heelflip
Backyard: Kickflip Do a kickflip
Backyard: Kickflip from grind Do a kickflip out from a grind
Backyard: Late trick Do a late trick and get 4.000 points
Backyard: Mr Crab kickflip Do a double kickflip with the Mr Crab deck
Backyard: Nollie in 4x Do a nollie trick when having 4x multiplier (Tip: Nollie is an ollie on the nose)
Backyard: Pop shuvit in grass Do a pop shuvit and land in the grass
Backyard: Pop shuvit into boardslide Do a pop shuvit and land in a boardslide
Car Park: 10 powerslides Do 10 powerslides in 20 seconds
Car Park: 100.000p, no jumps Get 100.000 points in a line without doing any jumps
Car Park: 20.000p darkslide Do a darkslide and get at least 20.000 points
Car Park: 3 Hardflips Do 3 hardflips in in 20 seconds
Car Park: 30.000p combo Get at least 30.000 points in a combo (Tip: Rail and jump without touching ground to do a combo)
Car Park: 360 flip Do a '360 flip' (Tip: exact trick match)
Car Park: 4 stalls Do four stalls in 20 seconds (Tip: A grind or slide without speed)
Car Park: 40s competition rail Rail for 40 seconds in a competition run
Car Park: 5 heelflips Do 5 heelflips in 20 seconds without crashing
Car Park: 5-0 grind, 20.000p Get 20.000 points in a 5-0 grind
Car Park: 50.000p, 10 nollies Get 50.000 points in a line and do at least 10 nollie tricks
Car Park: 60.000p combo Get at least 60.000 points in a combo (Tip: Rail and jump without touching ground to do a combo)
Car Park: 7m drop Do a pop shuvit in a 7 meter drop
Car Park: 7s railtime Get 7 seconds railtime in one rail