Tropico 4 Cheats List

Console Commands
Code Effect
nowhiskey -20 to relations with the US
novodka -20 to relations with the USSR
whiskey 20 to relations with the US
vodka 20 to relations with the USSR
tornadilla Activates a Tornado Outbreak
drough Activates Drought Disaster
earthquake Activates Earthquake Disaster
fuego Activates Fire Disaster
hurricane Activates Hurricane Disaster
oilspill Activates Oil Spill Disaster
tornado Activates Tornado Disaster
tsunami Activates Tsunami Disaster
volcano Activates Volcano Eruption
muchopesos Adds 100,000 dollars to your spending money
speedygonzales Instant construction
elpollodiablo Instant win
dinggratz Maximizes all workers' experience and students graduate instantly
iamthestate No prerequisites for edicts
pachangasi Raises happiness values of all Tropicans by 10
twoheadedllama Raises tourism rating to 100
vivala3 Triggers a Bomb Threat
vivala2 Triggers a Hostage Crisis
generalpenultimo Triggers a Military Coup
vivala0 Triggers a Random Subversive Activity
cheguevara Triggers a Rebel Attack on a building
downwiththetyrant Triggers a Rebel Attack on the Palace
vivala4 Triggers a Worker Strike
vivala1 Triggers an Assassination Attempt
civilwar Triggers an Uprising
vivala5 Triggers Media Occupation
trabajono Unlock all missions