Tropico 5 Cheats List

Below you will find a list of all the updated Tropico 5 cheats for PC and Mac. You can enable the commands by pressing and holding the right Shift button from your keyboard. Type the following codes without the quotes to activate the corresponding effect.

Console Commands
Code Effect
ifoundtheplans All Missions Unlocked
meepmeep Instant Build
penultimoroxx Instant Win
llamalottery [$100,000] $100,000
leveltwelvepaladin All Workers' Experience Maxed
lelaw No Prerequisites for Edicts
scotch [+20] US relations +20
noscotch [-20] US relations -20
kurwa [+20] USSR relations +20
redsquared [-20] USSR relations -20
spinnyspinny Tornado Outbreak
dryspell [Drought] Disaster (Drought)
shakennotstirred [Earthquake] Disaster (Earthquake)
eldiablo [Fire] Disaster (Fire)
surfsup [Hurricane] Disaster (Hurricane)