Code Effect
heal Heals party.
dumpitems Dumps a list of items (templates) to a file.
giveitem [item] [quantity] Gives an item or items.
scanthoughts Gives the player character the scan thoughts ability.
setskill [skill] [level] Sets a specified skill to a specified level ( Inability, Untrained, Trained, Specialized, Specialized1, Specialized2 )
maxskills Sets all skills to Specialized2.
adjstatsmax [value] Adjusts Might, Speed, and Intellect pools maximum.
adjmightmax [value] Adjusts Might pools maximum.
adjspeedmax [value] Adjusts Speed pools maximum.
adjintmax [value] Adjusts Intellect pools maximum.
setalledges [value] Adjust Might, Speed, and Intellect edges.
setmightedge [value] Adjust Might edge.
setspeededge [value] Adjust Speed edge.
setintedge [value] Adjust Intellect edge.
setmaxeffort [value] Set maximum effort.
raisetide [value] [amount] Raises a specified tide color by a specified amount (Tiny, Small, Moderate, Huge).
lowertide [value] [amount] Lowers a specified tide color by a specified amount (Tiny, Small, Moderate, Huge).
clearfog Clears the fog of war
oclunlockall Honestly, I don't know what it unlocks. It unlocks something.
addap [amount] Adds combat action points to the player.
addmoney [amount] Adds money to the player.
addxp [amount] Adds XP to the party.
pickclass Allows you to re-pick your class (will wipe your equipped clothing, so unequip first).
resettier Reset current level tier.
anyadv Allows picking any advancement during level up.
addclassprogs Adds other class progressions (e.g. if you're a Jack, you also get progression effects, skills, and abilities for Glaives and Nanos).
unlockfoci [Ficuses] Unlocks all the foci ("focuses").
addfociprogs [Focuses] Unlocks all the foci ("focuses").
pickfocus Allows you to re-pick your focus.