Two Worlds 2 Cheats and Console Commands List

Console Commands
Code Effect
addexperiencepoints [number] Add experience points
AddExperiencePoints [#] Adds experience points
Addgold [#] Adds gold
AddParamPoints [#] Adds parameter points, (Endurance, Strength, etc.)
AddSkillPoints [#] Adds skill points
pigment_o40 antique brass
pigment_o28 beige
pigment_o29 black
pigment_o10 blood red
pigment_o38 brass
pigment_o42 bright red -mislabeled forest green
pigment_o39 bronze
pigment_o27 buckskin
pigment_o21 burgundy
ec.resurrectunit Cast on a dead body's icon to revive it
cam.mount.xoff [0] Centers the camera when riding a horse (no more over-the-shoulder view)
pigment_o30 charcoal grey
pigment_o25 choclate brown
pigment_o37 copper
pigment_o14 dark cyan
pigment_o2 dark green
pigment_o31 dark grey
pigment_o17 dark indigo
pigment_o22 dark orchid
pigment_o9 dark scarlet
pigment_o6 denim blue
graph.setfastrunspecialefx [0] Disables motion blur when running and riding a horse
TWOWORLDSCHEATS Enables cheating
Player.InvisibleForEnemies [#] Enemies Won't Attack(0 = Off, 1 = On)
pigment_o1 forest green
health full health
pigment_o35 gold
Immortal [#] Imortality(0 = Off, 1 = On)
pigment_o18 indigo
pigment_o45 kelly green
Kill Kills targetted enemy/NPC instantly
killhorse Kills your horse (must mount it first)
pigment_o20 lavender
ec.dbg levelup Level Up
pigment_o7 light blue
pigment_o12 light coral
pigment_o4 light green
pigment_o33 light grey
pigment_o24 light orchid
pigment_o19 light plum
pigment_o48 magenta
pigment_o32 medium grey
pigment_o23 medium orchid
hero.move.fastrunspeed [1] Modifies the hero's sprinting speed (higher = faster) [10] Modifies the number of clicks made to get the maximum speed of your horse (lower = fewer clicks)
pigment_o46 navy blue
pigment_o3 olive green
ec.setattribute llvl [0] Opens doors, gates, chests
pigment_o43 orange
pigment_o8 powder blue
pigment_o13 prussian blue
pigment_o47 purple - mislabeled forest green
pigment_o41 ruby red
pigment_o26 russet brown
pigment_o11 salmon red
pigment_o5 sapphire blue
ec.dbg iamcheater Set all attributes to 1000
Time [#] Sets time of day. (0 = Night, 40 = Dawn, 127 = Noon, 200 = Sunset, 254 = Midnight)
pigment_o36 silver
eq_boat_01 Spawns a boat
horse_01 [01-04 for different color] Spawns a horse
pigment_o16 teal blue
jump2 Teleports you to where your cursor is pointing
GOD 0 or GOD 1 Turns God mode on and off
pigment_o15 turquoise blue
ec.dbg skills Unlock All Skills
pigment_o34 white
pigment_o44 yellow