Tyranny Console Commands

On this page, you will see all the console commands of Tyranny.

To activate the console commands, you can press ~ and ENTER. Next, input iRoll20s to allow debug codes. In the case of the German version, you have to press ö and ENTER.

Once you enter it, the command will get activated, and achievements will get disabled for the specific game.

Console Commands
Code Effect
FreeRecipesToggle [Upgrades] Free equipment upgrade
God [disables log] God mode
HealParty Heal all members
UnlockAll [Map] Unlock map containers
unlockallmaps Unlock all maps
addallcompanions Add all companions
Rest Rest
givemoney [X] Add money
AddExperience [X] Add exp
AddExperienceToLevel [X] Add enough exp
skill [player] [Skill name] [Num] Set skill level
attributescore [player] [Attribute name] [X] Set player attribute
AddAbility [Player] [Ability name] Add ability/talent
RemoveAbility [Character id] [Ability name] Remove ability/talent
GiveItemWithQuality [item] [quality] Add item
RemoveItem [item id] Removes item
GiveItem [Recipe] Add recipe
reputationaddpoints [Faction] [Axis] [Value] [Reason] Change faction reputation
exec spellcreation Learn all spell sigils
learnspellsymbol [Symbol] false Learn spell symbol
learnspellshape [Shape] false Learn spell shape
learnspellmodifier [Accent] false Learn spell accent
learnspellmodifier [Modifier] false Learn spell modifier
learnedictpackage [edict] Learn Edict
deactivateedict [edict] Deactivate edict
addallcompanions Add all companions
clearachievement [achievement] Add achievement
AdvanceTimeByHours [x] Advance time
NoFog [Remove Fog] Removes fog of war
SetZoomRange [x x] Set min-max zoom