Code Effect
[Page Up] 100 Step
[Page Down] Set attacks to 999
5 Increase battle group
[Insert] Next room
[Deleted] Previous room
S Save
L Load
0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 Select saved game file
F + 6 Travel to room_fire2 (138)
W + 6 Travel to room_water1 (82)
T + 6 Travel to room_tundra1 (44)
E + 6 Travel to room_castle_front (219)
R + 6 Travel to room_ruins2 (7)
Y + 6 Travel to room_truelab_elevator (244)
G Spawn box (while in game)
G 5,000 gold (while in a shop)
O Take out panel
I Put away panel
M Increase murder level
P Toggle room speeds
F Set room speed to fast
U Enable Undyne calls
[F3] Create file system_information_962
[F7] 500 gold
[F9] Stop sound
[F10] Pass through walls
[F11] Travel to room_water1 (82)
[F12] Restart room
V Show collision boxes
[Backspace] Fast walk speed
[End] Play current "monster tale" determined by storyline
[Home] Battle current group (default is 140)
[Delete] Set HP to 999 (while in battle)
1 Slow down (while in battle)
2 Decrease speed (while in battle)
8 Decrease turn timer (while in battle)
9 Increase turn timer (while in battle)
[F6] Set mercy to 0 and attack to 999 (while in battle)
O + P Set mercy to 9,999 (while in battle)