Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Cheats and Console Commands

Below you will find a list of all the updated VTMB Console Commands. All you need is start the game with “-console 1” that is added to the shortcut command line parameter. Press the tilde key ~ to open the console in game, and use the cheats to d o several things. 

Also note that console is friendly and commands will be completed automatically when you type them. In case, if you are looking for a specific code just press a key “g”, and all the commands starting with g will appear. On your arrows to scroll, press up and down through those commands. Press ENTER to activate the selected one.


Console Commands
Code Effect
blood 75% sets player of blood pool character
blood [500] Availability of infinite blood
cmdlist List console commands
debug_infinite_ammo [2] Infinite ammo for all weapons
debug_change_masquerade_level [1/-1] Changes masquerade level
giftxp [#] Get experience points
give item_a_ Spawn clothing
give item_g_ Spawn item
give item_m_ Spawn money item
give item_p_ Spawn vampire artifact or book
give item_w_ Spawn weapon
give [item] Spawn indicated item
give item_w_sheriff_sword Spawn Sheriff's sword
god Enable invincibility
impulse [101] Gives all weapons, ammo + clothing
noclip Disable clipping mode
notarget Invisible to everyone
npc_freeze Freezes NPCs in place
v_hidevgui [#] Hides the HUD if set to 1
vitems List items to spawn
vchar_edit_histories [1] Edit player character's history
vgender_int [0-1] See if the player is male/female
vclan Player_[clan name] Changes the player's clan
vclan_[clan name or number] Alter non-player "clans"
vclans Allow clans
vskip_intro Skip beginning sequence
vstats buy Use XP pooled from the "vstats sell"
vstats sell Sell off dots for experience points
vstats get [stat] [0-5] Set indicated attribute
vstats get automatic_soak_successes [1-10] All soak rolls
vstats get automatic_str_successes [1-10] Unarmed/melee
oceanhouseQuestComplete Skip the mission
quit Closes the game.
chareditor Opens your character sheet.
impulse [101] Weapons & Ammo + Clothing
vchar_edit_histories [1] Character has history
vstats get animalism [5] ANIMALISM discipline
vstats get auspex [5] AUSPEX discipline
vstats get celerity [5] CELERITY discipline
item_g_lockpick Possession of Lockpick
vstats get charisma [5] CHARISMA skill
vstats get dementation [5] DEMENTATION discipline
vstats get dexterity [5] DEXTERITY skill
vstats get dominate [5] DOMINATE discipline
god or godmode enable godmode
vstats get firearms [5] FIREARMS discipline
vstats get fortitude [5] FORTITUDE discipline
giftxp [#] give # number of xp points
give item_a_xxxx give armor of type xxxx
Blood 500 Give Extra or Infinite Blood
give item_w_xxxx give weapon of type xxxx
give item_g_bloodpack BLOODPACK
give item_g_bluebloodpack BLUEBLOODPACK
give item_g_eldervitaepack ELDERVITAEPACK
vstats get automatic_soak_successes 10 +10 stats EACH SOAK
vstats get automatic_str_successes 10 +10 stats MELEE/UNARMED
noclip [0/1] Go through walls.
vstats get intelligence [5] INTELLIGENCE skill
notarget [0/1] Invisible to enemys.
cmdlist List of cheats.
vstats get obfuscate [5] OBFUSCATE discipline
vstats get perception [5] PERCEPTION discipline
vstats get potence [5] POTENCE discipline
vstats get presence [5] PRESENCE discipline
vstats get protean [5] PROTEAN discipline
blood [#] replace # with the number of points
cl_showfps [1] show's FPS
OceanHouseQuestComplete Skip "THE GHOST HAUNTS MIDNIGHT"
vstats get thaumaturgy [5] THAUMATURGY discipline
vstats get wits [5] WITS skill
god God mode
debug_infinite_ammo [2] Infinite ammo for weapons
notarget Invisible to everyone
noclip No clipping mode
giftxp [number] Get experience points
impulse [101] Most items and weapons
cmdlist List console commands
vitems List items that can be spawned
vhelp List all console commands
vstats [sell] Sell off dots
vstats [buy] Use the "vstats sell" code
give [item] Spawn indicated item
give item_w_ Spawn weapon
give item_p_ Spawn vampire artifact/book
give item_g_ Spawn item
give item_m_ Spawn money item
give item_a_ Spawn clothing
blood 75% set blood pool character
blood [number] Set character's blood pool
vstats get [stat] [0-5] Set attribute
vstats get automatic_soak_successes [1-10] Add value to soak rolls
vstats get automatic_str_successes [1-10] Unarmed/melee combat feat rolls
vchar_edit_histories [1] Can give character a history
vskip_intro Skip sequence when it is executed
quit Exit to the desktop