Code Effect
2 for 1 [16] Eliminate the same player twice within one second
Beam Me Up Scotty [10] Teleport out of game right before getting crushed
Cotton Candy [10] Destroy a cloud sentinel as the cloud beast
Doppelgängers [10] Win a round while having at least one clone
Firecrackers [16] Destroy multiple magic arrows with a single catch spell
From Beyond the Grave [14] Eliminate an opponent after dying
Fully Operational [10] Eliminate three opponents with one death ray or fireball
Ghostbusters [10] Cross the Beams
I'll Be Bok [11] Eliminate an enemy while you are in chicken form
Jugglenauts [13] Pass the sphere to your team-mate 7 times without the other team touching it
Lean Meat [32] Eat chicken
Magesicle [10] Eat a frozen enemy
Merlin's Pupil [10] Unlock all game content
My Precious [32] Have six power-ups in your inventory at once
Over 9000 [10] Win a team deathmatch game against 3 CPU players on LVL 10 difficulty
Prime Directive [14] Win a match without touching the sphere
Protector of the Realm [10] Destroy a cloud beast as the cloud sentinel
Shields Up [18] Use up to three shields within a single round
Superluminal [22] Accelerate the sphere to its maximum speed
The Apprentice [18] Complete the apprentice campaign
The Beast [32] Complete the beasts campaign
The Challenger [10] Complete the challenger campaign
The Demon [32] Complete the demon campaign
The Machine [22] Complete the machine campaign
The Witch [32] Complete the witch campaign
Treasure Hunters [10] Destroy all of the blocks in the dungeon level
Ultimate Magical Triumph [12] Win a whole game without dying
You're a wizard Larry! [10] Finish all campaigns on Legendary difficulty