Code Effect
50 Shades [4-14 mint] Complete level 4 in 14 minutes
A Quick Death [13-25 mint] Complete level 13 in 25 minutes
A Real Keeper [5x5] Build a 5x5 Barracks, Lair and Slaughterpen on level 1
Awakening [level 1] Complete level 1
Behind Enemy Lines [level 6] Complete level 6
Bejeweled [25 mint] Complete level 10 in 25 minutes
Belmorne's Pass [level 9] Complete level 9
Broken Heart [skirmish] Beat Rhaskos on Master difficulty in Skirmish
Burnt Face Man [9 mint] Complete level 2 in 9 minutes
Completionist [level 4] Claim all 3 Siege Shrines on level 4
Defibrillator [level 8] Complete level 7 with Rhaskos below 25% health
Desecration [level 8] Complete level 8
Desperate Power [level 11] Complete level 11
Equilibrium [level 13] Complete level 13
Fair Play [level 12] Complete level 12 without using the Unleash Kenos Ritual
Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls. [level 8] Defile all 5 boss Crypts on level 8
Grave Robber [8-12 mint] Complete level 8 in 12 minutes
Heart Attack [level 7] Complete level 7
Impatience Is A Virtue [level 3] Complete level 3 before the final wave spawns
Indy [level 2] Locate the hidden Artefact on level 2
Leeeeeroooy [level 13] Complete level 13 without completing any optional objectives
Mira Mi Poder [level 11] Lose less than 3 minions on level 11
Miracle [level 10] Destroy all Inhibitors on your own on level 10
Mirage [skirmish] Beat Mira on Master difficulty in Skirmish
Mondrian [level 11] Complete level 11 in 10 minutes
More Money Than God [1,000,000,000] Mine 1,000,000,000 gold
My Pet Dungeon [5 hours] Spend a total of 5 hours in your Home Realm
New Year Goodness [2017] Play the game during its Chinese release in 2017, or during Chinese New Year celebrations each year
Over 9000 [25 mint] Complete level 12 in 25 minutes
Portal Gems [level 3] Complete level 3 in 13 minutes
Potter [sirmish] Beat Korvek on Master difficulty in Skirmish
Prison Architect [15 mint] Complete level 6 in 15 minutes
Saving Private Rhaskos [30 mint] Complete level 7 in 30 minutes
Scott Richmond [level 6] Free all prisoners on level 6
Shaboozey [tutorial] Lose the tutorial
Shades of Grey [level 4] Complete level 4
Short Joke [level 5] Complete level 5 in 29 minutes
Stand Aside [sirmish] Beat Draven on Master difficulty in Skirmish
Stay a While and Listen [10 minutes] Visit the Home Realm for at least 10 minutes after completing every level (to hear every vo)
Subjugation [level 12] Complete level 12
Tell My Wife Hello [marcus] Beat Marcus on Master difficulty in Skirmish
The Breach [level 3] Complete level 3
The Chosen One [slider] Beat Steven Fright on Master difficulty in Skirmish
The Cynical Imp Max out the FoV slider
The Kenos [level 10] Complete level 10
The Mountain [skirmish] Beat Oberon on Master difficulty in Skirmish
The Rear Guard [level 5] Complete level 5
They Shall Not Pass [level 9] Let no Empire units leave the second outpost on level 9
Time for Tea [level 5] Destroy all Empire Gateways on level 5
Tower Defence [level 9] Complete level 9 in 30 minutes
Valedictorian [level 1] Complete level 1 in 4 minutes
Welcome to Kairos [level 2] Complete level 2
Yanis Varoufakis [master] Beat Kasita on Master difficulty in Skirmish