Witcher 3 Addabl Command

This command can let you have the buff with the particular buff ID. The buff ID should be in apostrophes: addabl('ForceCriticalHits') is correct, addabl(ForceCriticalHits) is not. Use rmvabl to remove a buff.  

Addabl Syntax

The syntax for the addabl command is given below:

addabl('Buff ID')

The following arguments are given for this command:

'Buff ID'The ID of the buff you wish to add, in apostrophes.

Addabl Examples

Below you will find all the working samples of the addabl command.


While running the command given above, it would give your character the "Force Critical Hits" buff, which results in a 100% chance of a serious hit every time you attack.


Provided you are Ciri, this console command will provide you an additional 2,5000 Vitality, and add another 800 attack power.