Witcher 3 Likeaboss Command

This toggle command (by typing it again will turn it off). When likeaboss mode is activated, all damage you deal will be 40% of the recipient's utmost health level. If the NPC has a maximum health of 10,000 that you damage, with this mode you can enable to deal 4,000 harm with each hit.

Likeaboss Syntax

The syntax for the likeaboss command is given below:


Likeaboss Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the likeaboss command.


This is the only way the likeaboss command can be implemented. If likeaboss mode is disabled, typing this command into the console will enable it. If you already have likeaboss mode enabled, when you type the above command into the console again will disable it. Likeaboss mode makes each hit you impose have damage equal to 40% of your target's highest health amount (not their current health level).