XCOM 2 Endbattle Command

With this command, you can end your current mission. If all objectives are finished, you will win the mission, or else you will fail. Complete all mission objectives with the ForceCompleteObjective command before using this to win your mission.

Endbattle Syntax

The syntax for the endbattle command is given below:

endbattle [0 / 1]

The following arguments are used for this command:

0 / 1Specify '1' here (without quotes) to end the battle with a win, if all objectives are completed. Specify '0' (without quotes) to end, and not win the battle.

Endbattle Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the endbattle command.

endbattle 1

You can end your current mission by using this command, and if all objectives are done, you will win. If all objectives are not completed, you will lose.