XCOM 2 GiveContinentBonus Command

Below you will find a list of all 14 XCOM 2 GiveContinentBonus IDs. For the GiveContinentBonus console command, you can also find documentation below, which includes useful examples.

Continent Bonus Name Continent Bonus ID
All In ContinentBonus_AllIn
Armed To The Teeth ContinentBonus_ArmedToTheTeeth
Fire When Ready ContinentBonus_FireWhenReady
Future Combat ContinentBonus_FutureCombat
Helping Hand ContinentBonus_HelpingHand
Hidden Reserves ContinentBonus_HiddenReserves
Lock And Load ContinentBonus_LockAndLoad
Pursuit Of Knowledge ContinentBonus_PursuitOfKnowledge
Quid Pro Quo ContinentBonus_QuidProQuo
Spare Parts ContinentBonus_SpareParts
Spy Ring ContinentBonus_SpyRing
Suit Up ContinentBonus_SuitUp
To Serve Mankind ContinentBonus_ToServeMankind
Under The Table ContinentBonus_UnderTheTable

GiveContinentBonus Command Documentation

givecontinentbonus [continent bonus id] Avenger

This console command will give you the particular continent bonus.

Continent Bonus IDThe ID of the continent bonus that you wish to give yourself.


Below you will find the working samples of the GiveContinentBonus command.

GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_AllIn

This console command would give you the All In continent bonus (which has the ID ContinentBonus_AllIn).

GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_SpyRing

The above console command would allow you to have the Spy Ring continent bonus.