XCOM 2 GiveFacility Command

Below you will find a list of all 10 XCOM 2 facility IDs, together with documentation with samples for the GiveFacility console command.

Facility Name Facility ID
Advanced Warfare Center AdvancedWarfareCenter
Laboratory Laboratory
Guerilla Tactics School OfficerTrainingSchool
Power Relay PowerRelay
Proving Grounds ProvingGround
Psi Chamber PsiChamber
Resistance Comms ResistanceComms
Shadow Chamber ShadowChamber
UFO Defence UFODefense
Workshop Workshop

GiveFacility Command Documentation

givefacility [facility id] [avenger/map index] Avenger

This console command can give you the facility with the specified ID at the specified position. If there is an existing facility, debris, or ongoing construction at the position you indicate, This console command will not do anything. The game may not update instantly after using This console command - switching screens (e.g. going into the Geoscape and back) will apply changes.

Facility IDThe ID of the facility you wish to create.
Avenger/Map IndexThe index to place the facility at. Avenger indexes:
3 (Upper Left Corner)45 (Upper Right Corner)
12 (Bottom Left Corner)1314 (Bottom Right Corner)


Below you will find the working samples of the GiveFacility command.

GiveFacility AdvancedWarfareCenter 14

In the bottom right corner of the Avenger (map index 14), this command would build an Advanced Warfare Center that provided there isn't already something there.

GiveFacility UFODefense 7

This console command would place a UFO Defence Facility at Avenger index 7 (upper left middle).