XCOM 2 MakeSoldierAClass Command

In XCOM 2, you can find the documenation below for the MakeSoldierAClass console command. Documentation contains a list of all 10 XCOM 2 class IDs, how to use the command, and working samples for you to copy or modify.

Class Name Class ID
Grenadier Grenadier
Psi Operative PsiOperative
Ranger Ranger
Rookie Rookie
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Specialist Specialist
Spark Shen's Last Gift Spark
Reaper WOTC: Tactical Legacy Reaper
Templar WOTC: Tactical Legacy Templar
Skirmisher WOTC: Tactical Legacy Skirmisher

MakeSoldierAClass Command Documentation

makesoldieraclass ["soldier name"] [class id] Avenger

This console command can set the class of the soldier with the particular name. Note that this will relegate your soldier to squaddie rank, and that you should make a save before using this console command, as some classes can break your game.

"Soldier Name"The name of the solider you wish to change the specialist class of, in quotation marks.
Class IDThe class ID of the class you wish to make the soldier.


Below you will find the working samples of the MakeSoldierAClass command.

MakeSoldierAClass "Leah Brown" Ranger

This console command would make the soldier named Leah Brown a Ranger.

MakeSoldierAClass "Angus Ferguson" PsiOperative

The above command would make Angus Fergusson's class the Psi Operative class.