Code Effect
1BDF78E58508 All the Cards
B99F58A51A36 50,000 Duel Points
C7AF7F1907DB Coin Toss = Heads
B99F58A51A36 Infinite Duel Points
23B62659D013 Unlock all Shop Packs
60C0A5512DD8 Max. Shop Packs
68BB6F1DBF70 100 Wins
FC6193F83751 0 Losses
9DE4A3CBC32E Complete the Timed Duels
E861976E7F01 Unlimited Summons
F1A183FF86D8 Infinite Life Points
DEE582FF3174 Cause 5000 Damage
FDE183FD0758 0 Direct Damage
9E9AC823A40A Select + Up = Auto-Win
1F969803820F Select + Down = Draw Card
30E08A893F80 Ignore Deck Check
5E929811E45B Unlock Summon Option: Choose Card, Select + A
C409C5067782 Only One Sacrifice
D033328AFAE7 One Question Test
D033328AFAE7 All Answers = B
D033328AFAE7 Pause Test Timer