Code Effect
John Wheeler [shelters] All animal shelters available.
Akiyama [places] All scenarios completed
Dr Dolittle [breed] Animals breed faster/more often
Alfred H [heck of birds] Birds scare the heck out of guests
Mr. Blue [change shirt] Change's everyone's shirt blue.
Mr. Brown [shirt] Change's everyone's shirt brown.
Mr. Orange [shirt] Change's everyone's shirt orange.
Mr. Pink [shirt] Change's everyone's shirt pink.
Mr. White [shirt] Change's everyone's shirt white.
Mr. Blonde [shirt] Change's everyone's shirt yellow.
Eggman [eggs] Dinosaur eggs hatch faster.
Adam Levesque [shelters] Get all Animal Shelters
Bill Gates [money] Guest donates a lot of money
Name a male guest Boogyman [guests upset] Make children guests upset
Name a male guest rpro [female guests] Make female guests upset
Russell [deteriorate] Make fences deteriorate
Stinky [sick] Make guests sick.
Zeta Psi [puke] Make some guests puke
Hank Howie [research] Research all staff research automatically
Bill Clinton [hamburgers] The demand for hamburgers goes up
Andrew Binder [houses] Unlock all animal houses and types
Lou Catanzaro [toys] Unlock all animal toys
DINOMAN [dinos] Unlock all Dinos.
Charlie Peterson [foliage] Unlock all foliage
Ron Propst [foliage] Unlock dinosaur foliage research program.
Steve Serafino [andangered] Unlock endangered animals
Rich Uncle Pennybags [amount] You gain a small amount of money.